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      Chinaplas exhibitor total surpasses K showDate:2015-05-26     Hot:278

      GUANGZHOU, CHINA - The annual Chinaplas show has grown bigger than the triennial K fair, when it comes to the number of exhibitors.

      Chinaplas 2015 in Guangzhou, the 29th edition since the show's launch in Beijing in 1983, boasts a total of 3,282 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions, according to Ada Leung, general manager of Hong Kong-based Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

      In comparison, the most recent K show in 2013 had 3,215 exhibitors, she told the audience at a May 18 Chinaplas Media Day event.

      "We are not after quantity," Leung was quick to add, noting that Adsale will strive for better quality and focus on technology and applications.

      Adsale Chairman Stanley Chu also set a humble and friendly tone when he spoke of other leading plastics trade shows in the world.

      "The definition of No. 1 should include both quantity and quality. Just quantity doesn't carry that much significance," he said.

      "We are still lagging behind the K show considerably in terms of quality," he noted, specifically mentioning the technology level of exhibited products as well as exhibition services. "That's why we are very glad K show organizer Messe Düsseldorf is our partner."

      He said Adsale is learning the K show's best practices.

      Speaking of K and NPE, Chu said he does not see other events as competitors.

      "We are peers and partners. In this industry, we should work together to raise the bar. "

      About 60 percent of Chinaplas exhibitors are domestic Chinese firms, while 40 percent are considered foreign, including Chinese subsidiaries of foreign companies.

      The breakdown of Chinaplas visitors is about 75 percent Chinese and 25 percent from overseas.

      Chinaplas 2015 will have 240,000 square meters of exhibition space, slightly lower than K 2013 which had 270,000 square meters.