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      Welcome to Juner Plastic Packaging !

      Juner plastic packaging Co.,Ltd.

      Founded in 1995, JUNER Plastic packaging Co., Ltd is a professional production of food, medical, household and industrial plastic packaging bags manufacturer. After 20 years of development, it has become the plastic packaging industry's leading enterprises.

      JUNER Company is located in Guang-Shan Road, Longxi town, Huizhou City, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, the production base covers an area totaling 210,000 square meters, the plant area of 80,000 square meters, and the remaining 120,000 square meters of living and recreation areas , the annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

      It has more than 160 advanced equipment, with cover opening from 2 cm to 200 cm, which can meet all the customers' blown film demand. It can make rolls of PE, PO, PP, OPP and other kinds of material. There are 90 computerized high-speed flat bag making machines, 3 R machines, 10 exquisite six color offset printing machine, 2 ten color copper printers and a large number of relevant complete production equipment. it can produce about 3000 tons plastic bag packaging products monthly. Now there are more than 150 workers and managers. Our company's products vary from all kinds of flat pockets, glue bag, arm in arm bag, shopping bag, volume bag to all kinds of special shaped plastic bags.

      The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001:1996 Environmental Management System Certification, Chinese Environment Labeling products Certification.

      In 2006, JUNER company participated in six  Plastic Chinese Standard drafting work: "Plastic shopping bags GB/T 21661-2008", "plastic shopping bags GB 21660-2008", " The puick testing method for plastic shopping bags GB/T 21662-2008", "Cling Film GB 10457-2009", "Garbage Bags", "Household plastic bags."

      Scientific management methods and reliable product quality, JUNER  Co., Ltd with well-known companies as Carrefour, Trust-Mart, Wal-Mart, Vanguard, Century Lianhua, Vanguard, PARKnSHOP, RT-Mart, Tesco, Easy Lotus, Wanning, Adidas, Nike, Vader, SF, China Postal, the whole forming a long-term stable and reliable partnership.

      Main Products:

      There degradation bags, shopping bags, even the volume bags, hand bags, bags, courier bags, garbage bags, industrial bags and disposable plastic products, etc.